Tanya Parihar


 Pack Leader & Founder


"Hi and welcome to Pawz Unleashed a dog walking company founded upon dreams! At Pawz Unleashed we are committed to providing your pet and you with exceptional care and service (rain, snow or shine)! Allow us to provide you with peace of mind knowing that your 'Beloved Pawz' are in good hands.


After graduating from Simon Fraser University and working as a Financial Advisor for many years, I felt something was amiss in my life. I took a year long journey throughout East Asia where I had a major revelation: Make my passion my life!


Utilizing dog walking services myself when I worked full time, I understand what a dog owner is looking for: someone who is energetic, responsible, has genuine love for animals and is knowledgeable in dog training, safety and behavior. I can happily provide your furry loved one with all these assets as I previously trained as a vet tech while working at a Veterinary Hospital and am Walks 'n' Wags Pet First Aid certified.


Growing up with cats, I always thought I was a cat lover but then I got a Golden Retriever...! Ironically, I wanted to return him back to his breeders a week later fearing the amount of responsibility of a puppy in comparison to the cats, not to mention having to walk him three times a day for the rest of his life!!! Fortunately, I persevered and within a couple of weeks, he captured my heart.


Having a natural affinity for the outdoors, exploring the mountain trails in Coquitlam and running the Coquitlam crunch weekly (I'm still doing it), I now had a best-friend and a companion by my side. Who would have thought that my fear would grow into my passion and that my passion would turn into my inspiration in creating my dream job!


Please feel free to browse the website for more information regarding our services, locations, FAQ or simply contact me any time!”

Tails of a Dog Walker...

If dogs could talk they'd tell you how amazingly caring and affectionate Tanya is and how much they love her back.....but we'll let their tails do the talking.

-Rukhshana Daroowala

To say that Tanya is passionate about dogs is understatement, she absolutely loves them and treats them as if they were her own children. I've seen her intuitive abilities with animals make them feel safe and also know who is in charge without her being over dominant. She believes in the right of every animal to be free and happy, and her motivation in this work is definitely a path of service.

-Zamir Dhanji

"I am a life-long dog owner and an absolute lover of animals of all kinds. I have been walking dogs since I was old enough to remember and have had the pleasure of pet-sitting for most of my friends and family for many years.


Naturally, I decided to do what I love as my part-time gig: spend my time loving animals. I have experience with all types of dogs, young and old, big and small, high energy to low energy and even fearful and anxious pups.  I know how to make them feel comfortable and loved.  


With my pack I try to engage them both mentally and physically and make sure we always have a good time while at play. I try to keep my pack moving with me; running, chasing balls and even practicing skills.


My pack mates are over for sleepovers and weekend stays all the time and they are a part of my family. We play, cuddle, eat, sleep, learn and bond together. 


I love my job - it's a lot of fun and it's good for the soul."


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