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I Love my dogs!!! SO MUCH that I cook their own food so that no preservatives go into them...they are my life... So it's really important to me who comes near them, cares and shows them the love that I would if I were with them all the time..unfortunately, as an actor,my job takes me away for weeks/months at a time..Tanya lives next to me and I have known her for that last 5 years and my boys(dogs) LOVE her!!! Bruno, my baby just goes nuts when he see's her and runs around the house asking to be let out!! We call her his "Girlfriend" Romeo, (Lab) likes to rub his blonde fur all over Tanya and she is just in heaven.. Tanya has taken Bruno for hikes and he comes back just tuckered out and lays by the fireplace all night..content..."tired puppy is a happy puppy"

Tanya has also taught Bruno not to pull and he listens to her!!...which kinda aggravated me cause he didn't do that with me..But being with her for a few weeks,he started to listen to me...Amazing!!!


*****Tanya is the real deal folks and she has genuine love for animals...I'm completely happy when I know that she is with my boys and I know my boys are over joyed...Thats all that matters!!!******

Veenesh Dubois


Tanya is by far one of the most animal loving, kind, organized and caring people I have ever met. She looks after our Cooper with such care and attention we feel SPOILED! He is loved and looked after as if it were us. Highly recommend the service offered.

- Katherine E.


Tanya is warm, knowledgable, conscientious, and skilled with dogs.

I've tried several dog walkers and have had experiences ranging from really good (but with difficult drawbacks like being a pushover for the dogs or not having a cell phone in case of emergency on walks), to the truly terrible (I had a dog walker many years ago - who is well-rated here on Yelp, BTW - who, while I was vacationing, lost my dog on the North Shore, never called me, and simply gave up looking for him after four hours!).

In contrast, I love everything about Tanya and her employees. They are kind and gentle with my very excitable dog, while offering training on pick-up to help him learn how to be calm when greeting people. They send photos of him with the other dogs, romping happily, sniffing, and just generally enjoying himself, which makes me feel at ease.

I would happily recommend Pawz Unleashed to other dog lovers.

Oh, and I live near Commercial Drive; although she's identified as a Coquitlam-based business, she is actually located in Easst Van, and just walks the dogs in Coquitlam (it's a great walk, too).

- Aimee S.


Tanya is amazing - she takes great care of our fur-baby, Joe.  He is a big boy (90 lbs) with lots of energy, and she tires him out every day while we are at work. She also takes lots of pictures and videos, and is in regaular contact with me regarding their work out regimen and social interaction during walks.Joe has been very well behaved since Tanya started walking him - there has been a noticeable difference in leash pulling.  


I would recommend Tanya (and Pawz Unleashed) to any one, without hesitation.  Her prices are also extremely reasonable, and in my view, hardly cover the amount of care and attention she puts into her job.

- Pam S.


Im in love with my puppies Bruno & Romeo, the only other woman they love more than me is Tanya. They will break through our front door if she is on the other side! When bruno goes for walks with Tanya he always comes back tired as can be but very happy, Tanya is amazing with all dogs!

- Kirin D.


I'm possibly an over protective Doggy Daddy , OK OK OK I'm definitely an over protective Doggy Daddy and Tanya understood and respected that. She catered my fearful ways whenever taking my shadow for a walk. Syut always came back panting and usually sleeping till dinner time. If you have an over active working dog like mine, then her mountain climbs, are guaranteed to satisfy. Or if your doggy is of the tiny kind, then be well warned, he/she might not easily leave Tanya's house, after being loved that strong and warm, blankets and pillows all about, cuddled like a little mouse. Would you? I don't think so :)

- Kiff Archer


I have known Tanya for longer than I can remember. She is a true animal lover. I used to take my dog Mocha over to her house, and it was like magic. She's a dog whisperer. Since Mocha was a little dog, she was very watchful of him and made sure that Ruffus (big Golden-retriever) always shared his toys and food with Mocha. Anyways, You couldn't ask for a better dog walker!

- Arezou Setoudegan


Having known Tanya for the better part of ten years, I can honestly say she loves all animals and is a true advocate for the best treatment and care of all living creatures. Anyone that has the pleasure of meeting her, will feel the love right away. We are lucky to live in a world, where people like Tanya exist. Life and humanity is better, because of her!

- Sara Kannifar


For as long as I have known Tanya she has had a special bond with animals. Everything from our little gerbils we had as kids to large untamed wildlife- they all hold a special place in her heart. Perhaps it is true that dogs can sense our inner nature because they seem to know right away that Tanya is compassionate, honest and someone to be trusted.

There are very few people I let handle my 3 excitable 'Min Pins' and Tanya at Pawz Unleashed is absolutely one of them. Her energetic and positive attitude is trumped only by her love and passion for dogs great and small (just don't tell that to the cat!).

- Diana Izdebski

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Tanya and her Golden, Ruffus, used to live below me and she loved him like her child! She always had time for my guy, Skip, as well. The 2 of them were best buds and we could watch them wrestle all day! We could always count on her to take care of Skip without ever worrying because we knew he'd be in good hands.

-Les Fong


If dogs could talk they'd tell you how amazingly caring and affectionate Tanya is and how much they love her back.....but we'll let their tails do the talking.

-Rukhshana Daroowala


To say that Tanya is passionate about dogs is understatement, she absolutely loves them and treats them as if they were her own children. I've seen her intuitive abilities with animals make them feel safe and also know who is in charge without her being over dominant. She believes in the right of every animal to be free and happy, and her motivation in this work is definitely a path of service.

-Zamir Dhanji



Whenever we planned a trip, long or short, we knew that Tanya was always willing and available to look after our little beast, Spike.

The relationship that Tanya and Spike built over the years, resulted in Spike peeing with excitement everytime Tanya would walk in our home, which was cute, but also annoying to clean.

Tanya is someone who we could trust with the well-being and safety of our dog. We were able to have peace of mind, knowing that Spike was happy, comfortable, and loved during our absence.

Thank you Tanya for being there for Spike, and for us!

 -The Singh Family





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